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On-design seals

One of our defining assets is being able to produce seals on-design, based on our clients’ projects.
Differently from other producers, we can print limited-quantity lots (250 pieces min.). This opportunity is in high demand on the current market, because it is possibile to start low quantity productions with affordable entry costs.

Nowadays it is relatively easy to find high-numbers productions, while low numbers with certified mixes and technologically advanced materials from high-numbers production is much more complex.

This is why we are VIP O’Rings.

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  • Via Pavia, 9a/18

    Cascine Vica

    10098 Rivoli (TO) - Italy

  • Tel: +39 011 9588498

  • Fax: +39 011 9539884

  • e-mail: vip@vip-sas.com