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We have been operating in this market from more than 60 years. We are specialized in the production of O-rings and Gasket used in a wide range of specific applications. We do normally reach the majority of the technical request of this field with a high logistics service level.

(08-12-2015): We have started up new injection presses that allows us to obtain a larger productivity on moulding of O’rings and gaskets, increasing our economic efficiency.


We are specialized in high-performance elastomers for the chemical sector. We can provide specific evaluations about interaction with fluids.

(12-06-2015) The offshore market has had a momentaneous breakdown and this has helped us to continue to invest time and technology in studies on the H₂S applications. In this subject we are continuously improving our compounds to obtain positive and long-lasting results.

(12-08-2015) From the fluid-liquid movement of hydrocarbons we can state that the peroxides fluoroelastomers applications is increasing, choosing mainly some high content of fluorurine elastomers. This choice is a “must” for the future applications, aiming in obtaining results of high performance in technical characteristics and reliability.


FIeld-specific competence gained through continuous cooperation with our clients.


High-pressure, high-temperature resistent seals for nautical applications.

(12-08-2015) This market is confirming the need of peroxides fluoroelastomers, sensibly increasing application performances. The PFR (FFPM-FFKM) starts to be considered in some tough application.


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